Welcome to Officer Reporting

Welcome to D13 Officer reporting. The choices available to you as a user will vary depending on the offices you hold. There are several categories of reports.

These include

  • Staff Officer Reports - Visible to all. All logged in members have access to post these. 
  • Unit Officer Reports - Limited to Elected Officers
  • DDC Reports - Limited to DDCs
  • Command Coordinator Reports - Limited to CCs

Each of these should be visible as a subchoice off of the Departments>Officer Reports Menu. Which ones you see depends on your role. If you hold one of the above offices and do not see the appropriate choice when logged in that means that your account has not yet been given permissions for that role. To remedy this please email the dso-cs with your name; all current offices; and your username.    The D13 CS staff attempts to ensure the appropriate permissions are assigned when offices change but sometimes this doesn't happen.

If you are creating a new account please do the same. Please do not create a new account if you previously did so on the site. This creates extra work for everyone. Please ensure you follow the directions on the registration page carefully! The CS staff cannot look up your password.  If for some reason you have forgotten your password please use the "forgot password" link on the login page. If you don't recall your user name then email the DSO-CS and we'll look up your username so you can have your password sent to you.